Complaints procedure

FeniksGroup strives to provide perfect service. Should you not be satisfied despite our efforts, we would like to hear from you!A conversation with the employee concerned usually leads to a satisfactory solution. Should this not be the case, you can submit a complaint. This complaints procedure contains information on how to submit your complaint and the timeframe within which you can expect a response.With this procedure, we want to emphasise that we value a good relationship with you as our customer. We always take your complaint seriously and see it as an opportunity to improve our services.

1. Definitions

1.1. Complaint
Any written expression of dissatisfaction by a customer with FeniksGroup’s activities and services.
1.2. Customer
Any customer of a product or service of FeniksGroup.

2. Submission of a complaint

You can submit your complaint in writing. In order to assess your complaint as soon as possible, we ask you to include at least the following in your letter:
– your name, address and place of residence
– the date on which you send your letter
– a clear description of your complaint
– any previous correspondence and relevant copies of documents clarifying your complaint

The more relevant information you provide, the better we will be able to assess your complaint. Please send your complaint to:

Attn the complaint manager, Mr L. Schoone
Provincialeweg 9
1536 AC Markenbinnen
Or to our contact e-mail address: [email protected]

3. Treatment of your complaint

Within one week of receiving your complaint, you will receive a written or digital confirmation of receipt. This confirmation will inform you who is handling your complaint and the period within which you can expect a substantive response. We aim to do this within 30 days. Should it turn out that this is not feasible, you will be notified in writing. You can count on your complaint being assessed as objectively as possible. The person handling your complaint may ask you for additional information during the assessment.

4. Response to your complaint

You will receive a substantive response to your complaint within 30 working days, unless an earlier written and reasoned notice of delay is given. This may be due, inter alia, to the complexity of the file.

5. Judge

Finally, after FeniksGroup has dealt with your complaint, it is possible to submit it to the civil court, subdistrict sector.

6. Supervision and management

Within FeniksGroup, the management supervises compliance with the complaints procedure. All data relating to the handling of your complaint will be carefully kept for at least one year after the complaint has been dealt with. Complaints are kept strictly confidential at all times.