Education & Training

Experience-based learning & hybrid teaching


How do we teach?

For us, hybrid education is the norm: part of the lessons are taught physically and another part online via e-learning or themed webinars, for example.

Because the learning environment is no longer just physical but also digital, this offers opportunities to make it more personal and tailored to an organisation or individual learner. Extended reality or immersive learning such as AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) but also gamification are changing the didactic process.

At FeniksGroup, we have integrated this changing learning environment and our learning vision into our courses, trainings and toolbox meetings. In our physical education, for example, we use innovative, interactive and innovative teaching methods.

An overview of our unique and innovative teaching methods

  • BHVR; A virtual 45-60 minute emergency response training course with a modular structure. Various emergency scenarios are simulated, ensuring that risks from everyday practice are meticulously addressed. The BHVR is included in our first responder refresher course, but can also be done on-site at any time.
  • Mixed Reality CPR course. A Mixed Reality headset is used to project digital objects. These elements can interact with (objects in) the environment, but also with each other. A new reality is created. This can be done at the office, construction site, factory, healthcare facility or school. Also with this solution, employees can learn CPR, practise, repeat and test in a playful manner, independent of time and place. Module completed? Then the employee no longer needs to take the life-saving module!
  • Workshops of 2 hours in which specific topics are practised or dealt with, such as a tabletop exercise, scenario training or an evacuation drill
  • Toolbox meetings (1 hour):
    • on site (at the client’s location) e.g. tablet game ‘know your own location’ or ‘the safety round
    • online, e.g. webinar on specific, relevant or topical subject or BHV quiz
  • Gamification: tabletop with chat box, goose board, domino, mini loco and various online quizzes to learn in a fun way.

Our vision on education

Effective learning = content x (fun + challenge)

Training the reality of incidents, accidents or calamities as realistically as possible in practice. Add to that knowledge maintenance and regular repetition and you have (safety) employees who act correctly and adequately when it really matters. To make learning extra effective, we ensure that the content of our training and education programmes is challenging and fun. FeniksGroup stands for experiential learning. We do this according to the formula effective learning = content x (fun + challenge) and using innovative teaching methods.

Full safety offering

Apart from Education & Training, we also provide Risk Advisory and Safety Equipment.