First Aid training courses

FeniksGroup trains you to become a first aid provider. As a result, you will be well prepared to act in the event of an accident!


First Aid training overview

What is First Aid?

An accident at work, at home or while playing sports. It happens to more than 700,000 people every year, sometimes with very serious or even fatal consequences. Providing first aid can prevent a lot of suffering. Unfortunately, not even 3% in the Netherlands have a first aid diploma. Anyone who wants to be able to act adequately in the event of an accident takes an first aid course. FeniksGroup is certified by Orange Cross. We offer the extensive basic first aid course and the annual refresher course. We also provide first aid training aimed at special target groups such as babies and children, the elderly and pregnant women.

Our vision on education

Training the reality of incidents, accidents or calamities as realistically as possible in practice. Add to that knowledge maintenance and regular repetition and you have (safety) employees who act correctly and adequately when it really matters. To make learning extra effective, we ensure that the content of our training and education programs is challenging and fun. FeniksGroup stands for experiential learning. We do this according to the formula effective learning = content x (fun + challenge) and using innovative teaching methods.

Discover our unique & innovative teaching methods

Hybrid education is already the norm within FeniksGroup: some lessons we deliver physically, others online, such as e-learning or themed webinars. In addition, innovative digital technology ensures that more and more of our training and courses almost tangibly mimic reality. With gamification, extended reality and immersive learning (Augmented and Virtual Reality), environments and situations become life-like. The reactions of course participants are praising; practising in a playful and lifelike manner ensures that course participants automate and internalise the material faster.

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