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Our conviction is safety = prevention x focus. Learn more about our safety circle.

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We are professional. We are FeniksGroup

A serious subject like safety requires professionalism in everything. Safety is vital for a well-functioning organisation. That starts with awareness of the risks and the importance of prevention and assistance. In this, we are sparring partners and teachers. To fulfil our task well, we make sure we are up to date with the latest insights and the latest techniques. Our professionalism manifests itself in unburdening and guaranteeing safety: from developing scenarios to keeping certification up to date.

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Our vision on safety

Safety = Prevention x Focus

Every organisation has its own safety risks. This means that prevention and emergency response plans should, in our view, be tailor-made. When we advise or help an organisation with its safety, we start according to the set formula for risk analysis: Risk = Chance x Effect. We identify all risks by reading up on the industry, researching the business activities, visiting the site(s) and interviewing employees. But safety is more than risk inventory and evaluation. Our own guiding principle: Safety = Prevention x Focus. With prevention, we do the utmost to minimise risks. And with focus, we ensure that safety is a constant focus of the organisation, including through a well-functioning team of safety officers.

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Safety circle

The safety circle contains four necessary elements for making and keeping organisations safe. We apply the safety circle to all our clients: from healthcare to education, from industry to office. In this way, we also ensure optimal safety within your organisation. Always.

Our vision on education

Effective learning = content x (fun + challenge)

Training the reality of incidents, accidents or calamities as realistically as possible in practice. Add to that knowledge maintenance and regular repetition and you have (safety) employees who act correctly and adequately when it really matters. To make learning extra effective, we ensure that the content of our training and education programs is challenging and fun. FeniksGroup stands for experiential learning. We do this according to the formula effective learning = content x (fun + challenge) and using innovative teaching methods.

How we work

Professionalism = (Resourcefulness + Commitment) x (Flexibility + Fun)

Our professionalism is characterised by our four core values:

What is happening within your organisation? What security risks does it pose? What measures do you take and what do you train? We deploy our creativity and ingenuity every day for optimal safety and experiential learning.

We know our clients, their organisation and motives. That knowledge is a prerequisite for doing our work well. Personal contact ensures optimum alignment with the person, the work, the environment and the potential danger. Involvement makes our advice, plans and solutions sharper and better.

Truly customer-oriented work and tailor-made solutions require agility in action and thinking. Yesterday’s certainty can turn into a new reality today. We think in scenarios and different solutions. We adapt and act immediately when necessary.

People who have fun learn and perform better. Feeling good about yourself and feeling good increase commitment to each other and to the environment. We incorporate fun, challenge and variation in our training and courses. In this way, we stimulate intrinsic alertness, which in turn inspires us every day.


Our mission

Being meaningful to safe organisations.

As FeniksGroup, we constantly shine our light on safety in organisations. We advise, educate and raise awareness in the field of occupational safety so that clients and their people can work in a safe environment. And company emergency workers are positively aware of their contribution to that and are trained for their task. Safety is in our DNA and it is our belief that safe organisations are organisations with a focus on prevention and risk management.


We provide Risk Advisory as well as Education & Training for various industries

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Why choose FeniksGroup

Most complete offer

We start with the risk inventory and continue until every (safety) employee always knows what to do (or not to do) in times of crisis, danger and insecurity. From A to Z and from plan to implementation. From risk advice to a complete range of education and training courses. And, of course, the safety equipment. This is the only way to guarantee optimum safety.

Professional knowledge

We love our profession. We want to know all the ins and outs, from legislation to unsafe corners or holes in your building. Our team consists of specialists from various disciplines. These specialists and their specific knowledge are more than the sum of their parts. And for those who are good at labels: we are certified by NIBHV, ISO 9001:2018, NIFV, NRR and Oranje Kruis, among others.

Innovative teaching methods

From virtual reality to real-life situations, from e-learning to classroom learning, from hololens to using company actors or LOTUS victims. Everyone learns, remembers and automates differently. We deploy all possible and innovative learning methods and learning resources to train each (safety) employee as optimally as possible to achieve the highest individual learning efficiency.

Customised education and training

We not only tailor to individual learning styles. We also adapt our education, training and exercises to the context of your organisation’s work environment and location. Because every organisation is unique and has its own security risks. This requires a customised approach in addition to our regular offer. For this, we use our own training locations in Markenbinnen and Tiel, but especially at your premises, on and around the shop floor where it all happens.

Unburdening corporate safety

Occupational safety is our passion. We are happy to relieve you of all concerns about safety from A to Z. By helping you draw up the RI&E, the associated plan of action and defining residual risks and normative factors. We can make our contribution to the drafting of a company emergency plan or in-house emergency response plan. And we also take care of all training, courses and exercises and evaluations and adjustments involved.

Knowledge centre

We have already said it: we love our profession and want to know everything. We like to share that knowledge. Not only indirectly through our risk consultancy and training courses. We also share our expertise through our knowledge centre. With the latest changes in legislation and regulations, current seasonal themes or informative blogs. You will find our knowledge centre virtually in the blogs on this site and live during our master classes. And of course, every FeniksGroup team member has their own specific knowledge centre.

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