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First aid refresher course

Do you have a first aid diploma? Then you must take a first aid refresher course every year. Only then will your knowledge remain up-to-date and the diploma remain valid. The content of the first aid refersher course is the same as that of the basic first aid course. However, some sections are shortened and the same subjects are not covered every year. The first aid refresher course therefore lasts one day instead of three like the basic first aid course.

At a FeniksGroup location or at your own company location

Would you like to take the first aid refresher course at FeniksGroup? That is no problem at all. At our locations, all facilities are available for a successful first aid refresher course. Each year, different components are covered. As a result, the course never gets boring and all your knowledge remains up-to-date. Would you prefer to take your first aid refresher course at your own company location? That is also possible. In that case, the course can be tailored to the situations that are most important in your company. A maximum of twelve participants can take part in a first aid refresher course. This leaves enough time for individual attention for all participants.

First aid refresher course combined with in-house emergency response.

A first aid diploma is different from an emergency response certificate. Every company is obliged to have a sufficient number of in-house emergency workers. In addition, employees with solid first aid knowledge can come in handy. After all, in a (refresher) first aid course you learn more about emergency and non-emergency care than in a first response training course. On the other hand, a first response course contains more components than just first aid in case of accidents. These two courses therefore complement each other well. With a valid first aid certificate, you only need to take the fire and evacuation section to obtain the basic first aid certificate or, after a refresher course, the emergency response certificate. Both courses must be repeated annually to keep the certification valid.

Increase safety within your company with a first aid refresher course.

Only if first aid knowledge is refreshed annually can safety within your company be ensured on an ongoing basis. This is why it is so important to take the first aid refresher course every year. Don’t have a first aid diploma yet? Then you should first take the first aid basic course. This too can be done at the FeniksGroup on location or on site at your company. Are you curious about the possibilities? Then contact us and find out how we can help increase safety within your company.

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