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Risk assessment for primary schools: for safety and health at school

Ri&e op basisscholen het belang en de bijzonderheden

Risks occur in every working environment, but when you work with children, it is extra important to have them properly identified. That is why a good Risk Inventory and Evaluation (RI&E) at a primary school is very important. Risk Inventory and Evaluation is a tool used to ensure health and safety in the workplace. But what exactly does an RI&E for primary schools entail, and why is it so important? In this blog, we explain it to you.

What is RI&E?

RI&E is about taking stock of the risks that can occur within an organisation. It looks at the physical, psychological and social risks that employees run while working. The aim of an risk assessment is to gain insight into these risks and, based on this, to take measures to reduce or even eliminate them. An RI&E is not only mandatory, it is also very important for employee’s health and safety.

Why is an RI&E important?

An RI&E is important to create a safe and healthy working environment for employees. By identifying the risks, these can be addressed and employees can be prevented from suffering health complaints or even becoming unfit for work. An RI&E can also contribute to higher productivity and a better working atmosphere, as employees feel safer and healthier in the workplace.

In the case of a primary school, mapping out the business risks is particularly important, because dozens to hundreds of children are present here every day. A large proportion of these children are very young and therefore not self-reliant. They must therefore be properly supervised by the right people in case of calamities. That too can be included in an RI&E plan.

Special features of an RI&E for primary schools

An RI&E for primary schools differs in certain respects from an RI&E for other organisations. For instance, there are specific risks that occur at primary schools, such as accidents during gym lessons or unsafe situations in the schoolyard. Primary schools also often involve interaction with children, which poses specific psychological and social risks. It is therefore important that the risk assessment for primary schools takes this into account and responds to it.

Safety = prevention x focus

Risk inventory & evaluation at a primary school by an expert

Does your primary school need a new risk assessment? Then it is wise to have it carried out by a safety expert. This professional will visit the school to identify the risks. Not only is he/she aware of all applicable laws and regulations, he/she also knows exactly how to address risks in the best possible way. Thus, once the inventory is completed, you will receive a practical plan of action that you can start working on immediately. The safety consultant will also help you implement the action plan. Do certain work processes need to be addressed? Perhaps extra emergency response courses need to be taken? Or do more employees need first aid training? Whatever is needed, we will be happy to help.

Safety for every primary school

An RI&E is therefore very important for the health and safety of primary school staff. By identifying the specific risks and responding to them, a safe and healthy working environment can be created. Wondering what we can do for your school? Then get in touch with us.

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