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Prevention employee

Employers are obliged to organise prevention tasks in their company. The employer appoints one or more employees for this purpose: the prevention employee(s). These are in-house employees who assist the employer in ensuring safe and healthy working conditions on the shop floor. They are an easily accessible point of contact for colleagues with questions about safety and health in the workplace. In small companies, the employer may perform the prevention tasks himself. The prevention employee course provides all the relevant and up-to-date information needed to perform these tasks properly.

Prevention employee mandatory in your company?

The prevention employee helps the employer create suitable working conditions for every employee in the organisation in accordance with the Working Conditions Act. He or she supports colleagues in working according to safety regulations and provides them with information and instruction if necessary, thus creating an environment in which healthy and safe work can be done with appropriate working conditions. The works council or employee representation must approve who takes on the role of prevention employee, what his or her position in the organisation is and what prevention tasks he or she performs. A company is obliged to have a prevention employee. For companies with fewer than 25 employees, the owner may perform the prevention employee task.

Theory and practical situations

The prevention employee course lasts 1 day and is taught to a group of 6 to 12 participants. The basis of this course is theoretical, but on the day itself we train many practical situations through simulations. The theory must be gone through in advance through self-study. The course day is concluded with a written exam, after which, if the course participant achieves a good result, he/she receives the prevention employee certificate.

Prevention employee training course content

The prevention employee training course focuses on the relevant legislation and regulations in the field of risk inventory and evaluation (RI&E). The corresponding action plan and the prevention employee’s health & safety tasks are also part of the training.

The training covers five topics:

  • prevention tasks and the Working Conditions Act
  • the RI&E and the action plan
  • the influence of employee participation on prevention tasks
  • the place and position of the prevention employee in the organisation
  • examples of implementing health & safety measures on the shop floor

Registration or more information?

If you would like to register an employee for the prevention employee course or would like more information or personal advice, please contact us.