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Vca VOL (ssc OM) course

A ssc certificate is an absolute must in many sectors. Although the safety certificate is not required by law, it is made compulsory by many clients. During a ssc course, employees learn how to work as safely as possible, how to prevent industrial accidents and how to recognise unsafe situations. For employers and self-employed workers, however, this is still not enough. They not only have to prove that they can work safely themselves, but also that they know how to get their employees to work safely. This is what the ssc for operational managers training course and exam are designed for.

A supplement to the ssc basic course

Ssc OM stands for ‘safety, health and environment checklist for operational managers’. This is quite a mouthful, but means that you know how you and your employees can work safely. The ssc OM course is taught at FeniksGroup during the ssc basic course. Managers and non-managers are mixed during this course. Students taking the ssc OM course receive extra theory compared to the ssc basic course. In the theory book, these pages follow after each chapter. Naturally, there is sufficient time for this extra theory during the one-day course.

Ssc operation manager training and exam at FeniksGroup

The theory is dealt with in a classroom setting with a maximum of 12 course members simultaneously. Would you prefer to follow the course on location in your own company? Then consider the ssc Incompany course from the FeniksGroup.

Ssc (OM) courses for the entire company

Is your ssc certificate about to expire? Or do you want to get the diploma for the first time? Whatever your situation, at the FeniksGroup we have the right ssc course for you. Because the ssc for operational manager course is combined with the ssc basic course, several managers and employees can take the training on the same day. Are you curious what we can do for your company? Then get in touch with us. Together, we will ensure that both you and your employees can work safely.