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Crisis management training

Do the people in your company know what to do if a crisis or calamity suddenly occurs? One of those situations that everyone always thought ‘that will never happen here…’ but which companies are increasingly confronted with nowadays? We will teach you in the crisis management training at the FeniksGroup.

Image damage

A crisis has many faces but always lurks the risk of image damage. A shooting incident, an enraged customer taking staff hostage, the release of hazardous substances, customers and staff becoming unwell after having something to eat at your premises, a fatal industrial accident or a drunken director riding a cyclist to death in his spare time, these examples can have many more consequences if you do not react adequately.

Managing or resolving a crisis situation

In a crisis, you have to deal with the situation itself, with your staff, with the people who were harmed or became victims, with the emergency services and with the media. Certainly the latter can quickly become unmanageable. Responding well and adequately is then essential to resolve the situation or at least keep it manageable and to limit, or rather, prevent any image damage.

Crisis management training by the FeniksGroup

During crisis management training, the topics covered include:

  • Safety procedures (in general and those of one’s own company)
  • Crisis management in general
  • The composition of a crisis management team
  • The working method during a crisis

For crisis management team members

The training is intended for officers who are members or deputy members of a crisis management team such as the board of directors, management, subject specialists and spokespersons. The training can be taken at FeniksGroup locations or at your premises.

Training theory and practical scenarios

The training lasts 6 hours in total, with the first part spent on theory. Then we train in practical scenarios with crisis simulation and evaluate this. After this day’s crisis management training, you will have a refreshed perspective on crisis management and know how to conduct crisis management effectively and efficiently.

Crisis management training for your company

We recommend attending this training with the entire team involved in crisis management in your company. That way, we can focus the training entirely on the company and we can also make concrete agreements and define and train the working method together. Would you like to know more about this or discuss the possibilities? Then get in touch with us.