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Emergency Response Incompany training

An emergency response certificate is one of those diplomas you hope you will never need. But should a situation arise where it is needed, you will be only too happy to know exactly how to act.

Annual refresher course

After following a basic in-house emergency response training with the FeniksGroup, you will know enough to start working as an in-house emergency response worker in your company. As a company emergency worker, it is important to keep your knowledge up-to-date. For this purpose, there is an annual emergency response refresher course. You can take this course at the FeniksGroup, but an in-company emergency response training course at your premises is also possible.

Emergency response course on site

A in-house refresher course has many advantages. The course can be tailored to the circumstances within your company. Various situations are analysed based on the main components of a in-house emergency response training course. How does an evacuation go in your company? What company accidents have there been in the past period? Which situations involve a higher risk and which first aid actions must you master? This way, we look at the main components of first aid and fire, as well as evacuation and communication. This way, nothing is forgotten and you are informed about everything.

Classroom and individual

The in-house in-house emergency response training is an 8-hour course on location. Your in-house emergency response knowledge is refreshed with a maximum of 16 participants. Sufficient attention is also paid to practising practical skills. These are practised and assessed individually. At the end of the course, all participants will have gained sufficient experience to remain appointed as in-house emergency response worker. This is officially recorded with the emergency response refresher certificate.

Mandatory and safe

All companies in the Netherlands are obliged to have a company emergency response organisation. There must always be someone present who knows how to act in case of emergencies. Besides being compulsory, it is also nice for your employees to know that a in-house emergency response worker is always present.

Improve safety in your company with an in-company in-house emergency response training course

Do you also want to increase safety within your company and is it time for the annual refresher course for your in-house emergency response workers? Then consider a in-house in-house emergency response course. This way, your in-house emergency response workers not only acquire general emergency response knowledge, but are really prepared for the situations that can arise in your company. Are you curious about the possibilities for an in-company in-house emergency response training? Then contact us to find out what possibilities we have for your company.

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