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What are the tasks of a head of emergency response?

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A head of emergency response is essential within every company. He or she is responsible for general safety within the organisation. The tasks of a head of emergency response therefore have everything to do with setting up safety procedures and identifying risks. In this article, we list the duties of a head of emergency response for you.

Head of emergency response: what does it involve?

To ensure safety, every company needs a company emergency response organisation. An in-house emergency response organisation consists of the competent persons within the company who have responsibilities around the emergency response. Normally, the in-house emergency response organisation consists of a company emergency manager, a team leader and a number of company emergency response workers. Together, they ensure general safety within the company. A company emergency officer is the contact person for all matters relating to safety; he or she is responsible for the functioning of the emergency response within a company. This includes implementing safety measures within the company, but also making policy in the field of emergency response.

Tasks of a head of emergency response

The tasks may vary from one organisation to another. The tasks include at least the following:

  • Writing a policy plan around safety
  • Translating safety policy into an executable emergency response plan
  • Managing the in-house emergency response organisation (team leader and emergency response workers)
  • Facilitating training and exercises for the in-house emergency response workers
  • Coordinating an evacuation plan
  • Conducting a risk inventory and evaluation (RI&E)
  • Advising the organisation and management

Broadly speaking, a head of emergency response is concerned with implementing and translating safety legislation, guidelines and requirements within the company.

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FeniksGroup offers a three-day course to enable you to perform your duties as head of emergency response. In the first part of the course, you will receive theory and practical lessons on two consecutive days. You will then be given a study assignment which you will present on the third course day in front of an exam committee. You will have about three months to complete the assignment and prepare the presentation. For the study assignment, you will write a policy plan around company emergency response for your company. You will also take a written exam on this final course day. Once you have successfully completed the course, you will receive the 'Coordinator/Chief emergency response worker' certificate.

Your team of in-house emergency response workers can follow a in-house emergency response course with us. The two-day basic in-house emergency response course focuses entirely on gaining practical experience by working with interactive assignments and scenarios. Experienced emergency response workers can refresh their knowledge with the emergency response refresher course.

Would you like to know more about our in-house emergency response training offer? Feel free to contact us!

February 2, 2022 I emergency response
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