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Vca basis cursus

Are you working within the chemical, electrical or construction industries? Then chances are that clients require you to hold an scc (vca) basic diploma. This diploma shows that you have successfully completed the scc basic course. Without this diploma, it is almost impossible to get work in quite a few industries. So it is an important investment in your career. An scc certificate is valid for ten years, so a one-day basic scc course will keep you safe for the next few years.

What does scc stand for?

The abbreviation scc stands for Safety, Health and Environment Checklist Contractors. This safety certificate is designed to help employees in high-risk environments perform their work more safely. An scc certificate is not required by law, but in most cases it is required by clients. This happens in various sectors, including construction, civil engineering, transport, insulation, (petro)chemicals and industrial cleaning. A vca diploma is also increasingly required in other sectors. Do you belong to one of these professional groups? Then it is good to know that at FeniksGroup you can follow a one-day basic vca Course. Are you an executive or contractor? Then the vca VOL course (scc for operational managers) is more suitable for you. You can also take this course at FeniksGroup locations.

What do you learn during an scc basic course?

During an scc basic course, all important topics concerning safety in your workplace are discussed. This is done on the basis of a manual. All theory is covered in class. You can think about recognising unsafe situations, various health & safety laws and regulations and preventing industrial accidents. At the end of the day, you take an exam. If you pass, you will receive your vca diploma, which is valid for ten years. Taking the vca course classically has advantages over taking a basic safety vca online course. For example, an instructor is always available to you during the training day at our locations, so any questions or uncertainties are clarified immediately.

An important step in your career

Obtaining a valid vca certificate is an important step in your career. With this certificate, you will get a lot further within your industry. And, last but not least, from now on you will know exactly how to work safely. Are you curious about the possibilities of a scc basic course at FeniksGroup? Then contact us. Together we will find out how you can start working safely as soon as possible. For all other scc courses, you can of course also come to us.