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First responder refresher course

Once a person has taken the emergency response training and has been appointed as a first responder, he or she must take the annual first responder refresher course to remain certified. Like the basic emergency response training, we also provide the first responder refresher course at the FeniksGroup. Just in one day, always with a different approach, with practical, interactive and innovative exercises so that it always remains a good and fun course to follow!

Emergency response refresher – acting appropriately and correctly in case of emergencies

Just as the Occupational Health and Safety Act requires a first responder in every company with staff, it also requires them to retrain their skills regularly. And that is not surprising, of course; the safety of your company and your employees during emergencies is in the hands of the in-house emergency response worker(s). You want to be able to count on them to act adequately and correctly. We take care of that for you with the refresher course.

Exciting training with annually changing scenarios

Each year, the refresher course covers a number of topics that were covered during the basic training. These include extinguishing a fire, resuscitation with use of an AED, treating external wounds and evacuations. Every year, we choose a number of different sub-topics, different training methods and with new scenarios. This keeps the course interesting and instructive. Realistic training, so that what is learned is actually practised and the knowledge can be applied properly when it comes down to it.

Sign up for the first responder refresher course?

The refresher course lasts one day and is given in a carrousel format at our locations. You can register yourself or your employee(s) via our customer portal. Have you taken the first responder training somewhere else and is the certificate still valid? Then you can also register directly for this refresher course.

Want to know more about the first responder refresher course?

Would you like to know more about the first responder refresher course? Then ask our staff. Also if, for example, you would like a customised in-company training course in which specific topics can be dealt with that focus on your own company situation. For all your other in-house emergency response training, such as the basic course, the e-learning emergency response course or the in-company emergency response training, you can also come to the FeniksGroup.

Frequently asked questions

How often should a first responder certificate be renewed?

Legally there is nothing established about the period in which a certificate must be renewed, but we at the FeniksGroup and also the NIBHV believe that training should take place at least once a year to refresh knowledge, expertise and skills in order to keep the certificate valid.

Is a refresher course mandatory?

A refresher course is not legally obligatory, but in order to keep the knowledge and skills up to date, we advise a refresher course at least once a year.