Company emergency plan vs evacuation plan: what’s the difference?

verschil bedrijfsnoodplan en ontruimingsplan

As an organisation, you are responsible for the safety of your employees and others present in your organisation. Preventing accidents is an important part of this. But accidents can happen and calamities are unfortunately not always preventable. If everyone knows how to act in case of an emergency, it can save a lot. This is regulated in an evacuation plan and possibly a company emergency plan.

What is a company emergency plan?

A company emergency plan is a script that systematically outlines what the organisation should do if an accident or calamity occurs. A well-prepared emergency response plan helps minimise its impact on people.

Legal obligation

Having a company emergency plan is not a legal obligation for most companies. However, this does apply to so-called BRZO companies (companies that work with hazardous substances and therefore face high risks).

What is an evacuation plan?

The company emergency plan is an umbrella plan. An evacuation plan is part of it. Unlike a company emergency plan, the evacuation plan is required by law.

A good evacuation plan gets employees to safety quickly and efficiently. It is important that employees know how to leave the building quickly and calmly. Panic and unrest can arise in a threatening situation. This can affect the safety of employees and others present and should be avoided as much as possible.

According to NEN 8112:2017, the evacuation plan has a fixed chapter layout:

  1. introduction
  2. location of the building (with situation drawing as an appendix)
  3. building, organisation and installation data
  4. alarm procedure (internal and external)
  5. flow chart alarm
  6. method of evacuation and evacuation procedure
  7. tasks in the event of evacuation and evacuation procedure
  8. floor plans
  9. evacuation plan logbook
  10. annexes

The main differences between a company emergency plan and an evacuation plan

Both a company emergency plan and an evacuation plan are important for safety within a company. The evacuation plan is an integral part of the company emergency plan. So the company emergency plan is a lot more comprehensive than the evacuation plan.

Having an evacuation plan is required by law in the Netherlands. Every company must have an evacuation plan. A company emergency plan is only required by law for BRZO companies. These are companies that work with hazardous substances, which means the risk of an accident is much higher.

Do not be surprised by an accident

Make sure you have a good evacuation plan and, if necessary, a company emergency plan. This way, you are prepared for accidents and calamities, allowing you to act appropriately. Well-trained emergency response workers are indispensable. Does your company need additional in-house emergency response workers? Or does the in-house emergency response organisation need training for specific risks or situations? Then take a look at the options for an emergency response course. You can also contact us with other questions. Together, we will make your company a little safer.

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