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Key business risks in the Netherlands.

Feniks bedrijfsrisico’s

You are busy running your business well. Optimising processes, attracting the best staff and getting ahead of the competition are all important to make and keep your business successful. But you also need to be well aware of the various business risks you face. In recent years, COVID-19 has been an important risk to consider, yet it is not number one. In fact, pandemic outbreak only ranks fourth in the top 10 business risks. So what the biggest risks are, of course, we are happy to tell you.

The top 3 business risks according to Risk Barometer

Every year, insurer Allianz releases the Risk Barometer. This survey shows where risk management experts believe the biggest business risks lie. This year, cyber risks led the list worldwide for the second time (44%) and these risks are also estimated to be the biggest in the Netherlands. While cyber risks still ranked third in the Netherlands in 2021, this year there is really no way around it. With 64%, it is the clear leader of the list.

The number 2 is also the same in the Netherlands as worldwide. It is business interruptions. Globally, this risk scores 42%, while in the Netherlands it is 48%. It is the first time in 6 years that business interruption does not top the list in the Netherlands. But that is not yet the biggest change.  At number 3 this year in the Netherlands comes climate change at 36%. Last year, this risk had 'only' 17% and was still in fourth place. However, the risk of the likelihood of a pandemic falls significantly this year compared to 2021.

Risk = probability x effect

Globally, numbers 1 and 2 are the same as in the Netherlands. The number 3 differs, as it includes natural disasters worldwide. But since climate change and natural disasters are indeed closely linked, the difference is again not shockingly large.

Fire and explosion at number 7

Last year, fire and explosion was in the top 10 biggest business risks for the first time, and this year it is still seen as a major threat. This risk ranks at spot 7 in Allianz's latest Risk Barometer. These make up 17% of risks for companies.

Be prepared

Cyber risks, as well as business interruptions, natural disasters and climate change, are all major threats to businesses in the Netherlands and worldwide. They may also apply to your business. Being aware of all current business risks is therefore very important for every entrepreneur. Make sure you have a clear picture of the business risks in your company. You do this by carrying out a Risk Inventory and Evaluation (RI&E). Not only will you have a clear picture of the risks, you will also know how to eliminate them. This way, you take good care of yourself, your employees and your company.

Together towards a secure future

Would you like to have an RI&E carried out or would you like advice from a safety expert? Then contact us quickly. Our corporate safety experts will be happy to discuss safety in and around your company with you. That way, together we can take a good step towards a safer future!

July 19, 2021
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