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What to do in case of an accident? First aid steps.

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Of course, you hope not to need it, but having enough knowledge to act appropriately in case of an accident is very important. In fact, it can literally save lives. Are you witnessing an accident and want to act in the best possible way? The first aid steps below will help you know what to do in an accident to make that difference.

Step 1. Provide a safe environment

Accidents can happen anywhere. At home, on the street or in the workplace, anywhere. Before you start actively providing assistance, it is important to ensure a safe environment to avoid further casualties. Take stock of the situation and, if necessary, bring yourself, the victim and bystanders to safety. Be careful to move the victim only if there is no other way. This may worsen the victim's condition.

Step 2. Assess the condition of the victim

Are you sure that the environment and situation are otherwise safe? Then assess the victim's condition. Is the victim conscious or not? You also check the victim's breathing and heart rate. In addition, you check whether there are any open wounds or other injuries.

Step 3. Alert the emergency services

Is the victim seriously injured? Then it is important that you call the emergency services as soon as possible. You do this by calling 1-1-2. This is not only the emergency number in the Netherlands, but also in many other European countries. Now try to tell the story as calmly as possible. The employee of 1-1-2 will help you as much as possible with this. In some cases, the officer will also help you provide first aid. Do not hang up the phone until the employee tells you.

 Step 4. Provide first aid until the emergency services arrive

Once you have called the emergency services, provide first aid until they arrive. What this assistance looks like varies with each accident and injury. Sometimes a victim has deep wounds that need to be closed or you need to cool burns. In a first aid training course, you will learn exactly how best to provide assistance. In any case, stay with the victim until the emergency services have arrived and they take over the assistance from you.

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Always know what to do?

Do you also always want to know exactly what to do in case of an accident? Then taking a first aid course is a good idea. At FeniksGroup, we provide these courses for both individuals and companies. Would you like to know more? Or would you like to know more about our other training courses such as the first aid course especially for the hospitality industry? Then feel free to contact us. Then together we will look at which first aid course suits you best.

June 8, 2022 I First aid
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